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Join us every Monday evening as we interview special guests and discuss eerie things that go Bump in the Night!

Bad Music For Bad People started on DIOTD Radio in mid/late 2010...Madman Mike met Paul McVay in Oct 2009 via the chat room for The Incredibly Strange Radio Show's 24 hr Halloween Marathon. Soon after that, Madman Mike arranged for Karl Childers (Of Slingblade fame) to record some radio spots, and be interviewed live on Pauls show. For some odd reason, Paul then asked Madman Mike if he would like to do a show once a week on DIOTD Radio. Madman Mike jumped at the chance and thanks to Madman's love of The Cramps, the show Bad Music For Bad People was born. Playing an odd selection of music,such as Weird Al followed by Dean Martin, then Rocky Horror Picture Show songs ,then The Ramones and Cheap Trick. BMFBP found a fan base of psychotics, stoners, beer drinkers, and those that stumbled upon it by mistake and were hypnotized by the subliminal messages carefully hidden under the music. The Madman left the airwaves for about a year and a half, going on a walk around the world. Sadly, when he arrived at the Pacific ocean and continued to walk, he drowned, was declared legally dead, then revived using a dangerous medical procedure. He then spent 2 months recovering from this ordeal and in December 2013 Paul Mcvay contacted him, and Bad Music For Bad People returned once again to where it all started. Now, Bad Music For Bad People and The DIOTD Radio Network has found a new and better home with our brothers and sisters in Canada. We apologize in advance for anything Madman Mike may say to offend any listeners. However, thanks to advances in anti-psychotic medication, we believe that this will not be an issue.